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Former New York Times journalist living 'off grid' in Australia

Matt Siegel joins Purposely to share his incredible career story, from war correspondent to documentary maker and sustainable business owner.

Born in America, Matt grew up on the East Coast in New York City and studied History at University in Portland, Oregon. He now lives ‘off grid’ in the Southern Hemisphere with his Australian wife and two children, in a remote part of the Northern Beaches.

Passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment, Matt founded Green Thumb Media in 2020. It combines his skills as a journalist and film maker, with his passion for a better world, he describes it as ‘a boutique commercial film and video production company, focused on ethical and sustainable brands, and not for profits’. Talking with Matt, it is clear that Green Thumb has a dual focus - making a profit and delivering purpose to do their bit for a better world. They shine a light on social and environmental issues as well as working with people that share the same ethos and values.

Prior to launching Green Thumb, Matt spent four years working for Australian politician, the Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale’s, as his media adviser. It was this work that helped open his eyes to the idea of creating a business that would work exclusively with those on the same mission.

Matt’s not your typical American, not only has he spent decades living abroad he also speaks fluent Russian and has an in-depth understanding of the old Eastern-Bloc’s politics and culture. A former journalist with the New York Times he describes the changes that have happened in journalism, from the in depth reporting and storytelling to a more superficial journalism focused on grabbing attention and entertaining. Matt’s passion is to help others and to ensure a better environment for future generations, he wants to play his part in ‘sustainable solutions to the climate crisis, so that little people everywhere have a brighter and cleaner future’.


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