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Music and Dementia Care - Musica founder Rosie Mead

Rosie combined her interest in music and dementia to start a successful social enterprise focused on improving the lives of vulnerable people. She outlines the benefits gained for people living with dementia, both from listening to and interacting with live music, she also sites the positive difference it can make to their carers and their families.

Rosie has an unquenched passion for music through her clarinet play and performances as well as her recent discovery of vinyl records at the same time some of the worlds leading artists like Bowie, Coldplay, The Cure and the Eeels. We talk the wonder of playlists also, both for their dementia work and her own personal love for playlists.

The challenges presented by the pandemic also surface and how that negatively effected both their finances as well as their mission to help people in care homes (the worst hit by the early outbreak of the corona virus). However, she also talks about pivoting their programmes online to help reach people and take their brilliance to an international audience. Musica’s work is underpinned by extensive research and Rosie describes how she believes more and more care homes will embed music into care plans Rosie is an award winner and has been named a Woman of Inspiration in this year’s top 100 WISE (Women in Social Enterprise) list. WISE 2020, in partnership with NatWest, focussed this year on how these stars of the social enterprise world had adapted to COVID-19 and showed it “who’s boss”.


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