A bit about me 

I am Mark Longbottom, I have worked in the nonprofit sector for almost three decades, mainly in the UK. I moved to my homeland, New Zealand in January 2020. This life changing experience provided an opportunity to reflect on my career and I recognised just how many inspirational people I had met and how much I had enjoyed speaking and working with them.  It wasn't fair to keep their amazing stories to myself and Purposely Podcast was born.


My hope is that Purposely will inspire you and other people like you to make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of people living in your communities. You will hear my guests stories, thoughts and experiences (as well as their mistakes) and I hope that you will feel motivated and able to make a difference, either in small ways or on a larger scale. 

I hope you love listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing my incredible guests 

If you know an inspirational 'for purpose' leader get in touch with me below or email mark@purposelypodcast.com


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