Mark Longbottom

Host & founder

Mark has a passion for audio, an avid listener of radio, audio books and podcasts; especially those focused on people’s origin stories and exploring the life experiences that lead people to do what they do today.

He believes in the importance of purpose and knowing your ‘why’, he believes is it fundamental to living happy and fulfilled lives it is also vital for organisations, ‘what’s their purpose, vision and mission’.  

This led Mark to start Purposely Podcast with the aim of amplifying the stories of people with purpose. If you know an inspirational 'for purpose' social entrepreneur or non profit/business leader get in touch with me below or email mark@purposelypodcast.com


Jon Duval 



A composer and sound engineer Jon has a passion for creating great content. Jon loves playing a role in amplifying the voices of the change makers we interview, people trying to make the world a better place.


Jon is the producer for both Purposely and La petite voix le podcasts.  

If you want to reach out to Jon email info@purposelypodcast.com  


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