A bit about me 

Mark Longbottom has a passion for audio, an avid listener of radio, audio books and podcasts; especially those focused on people’s origin stories and exploring the life experiences that lead people to do what they do today.

He believes in the importance of purpose and knowing your ‘why’, he believes is it fundamental to living happy and fulfilled lives it is also vital for organisations, ‘what’s their purpose, vision and mission’.  

This led Mark to start Purposely Podcast with the aim of amplifying the stories of people with purpose, brave smart people who care about others and who are motivated to act and make a positive and lasting difference. Not just the people but also the organisations they run and work for and what is their impact on the world.

I' typically run and listen to podcasts, often gripped by people’s start up stories, those overcoming challenges to launch a company or a social enterprise. This extends to people who have been able to innovate and evolve themselves and their companies or charities, they have forced meaningful change often challenging old and limited ways of thinking.'


The people we interview on Purposely will provide inspiration. You will also learn tactics and how you can avoid mistakes.


We hope you love listening as much as we enjoy bringing these interviews you. We also hope it helps you to find your purpose and  your why!

If you know an inspirational 'for purpose' social entrepreneur or non profit/business leader get in touch with me below or email mark@purposelypodcast.com


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