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Acquiring a mission aligned business in America

Steven Zinsli first featured on Purposely last year (#59) he returns to share the very latest on his fintech company HealthNow.

We dive into his founder story and how despite never being to America he has led the acquisition of a ‘mission aligned’ business in the United States.

HealthNow is a company that combines a focus on making profit alongside social impact, a new kind of company measuring success in different, 'better world' ways.

The HealthNow platform enables customers to distribute the cost of their healthcare. The platform breaks down healthcare costs into smaller amounts, turning those big healthcare bills into smaller, more manageable bills.

In April 2022, HealthNow acquired CoverUs a prescription discount business working with a network of 62,000 pharmacies across the United States of America. CoverUs grant patient prescription discount coupons, helping to remove the barrier of prescription cost.

Steven shares the acquisition story and the challenges he overcame because ‘we were on the same page, two businesses aligned to the same mission of making healthcare more accessible by removing barriers’. Described ‘as a relatively smooth business transaction’ Steven, his investors and advisors now have an American presence. Incredibly Steven did not visit CoverUs’s Portland’s Headquarters at any time during the acquisition, mainly due to COVID- 19 restrictions, in fact Steven has never been to the States, not even as a tourist!


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