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Attention All Funders! Inspirational Charity Founder Offers Critique

One of my favourite conversations this year was with Katrin McMillan founder of NGO Hello World. They create and install solar powered internet hubs in remote villages as well as cut off communities to provide access to education for marginalised people. Katrin is an inspiration and what she has achieved both professionally as a charity founder and personally overcoming the challenge of dyslexia to develop a hugely successful global career fighting injustice should be applauded. Don’t miss her on episode #12 of Purposely Podcast.

Katrin McMillan is also a blogger and recently she was responsible for writing a very honest, compelling and pointed blog, ostensibly an open letter to funders based on her own (at times negative) experiences. It was especially compelling for me as I was once a funder myself.

‘Dos and DON’TS for Donors (and charities) by Katrin McMillan

“Giving fashions” come and go. For a time donors preferred charities that had low overheads; then there was the rise in ‘matching;’ now it’s all about effective altruism. But you do not have to do what everyone else is doing. If you made your money in business then you will be used to standing out from the crowd and being innovative. When in doubt, keep it simple: invest in the team, make your donations unrestricted, (respect the charity’s expertise and integrity in knowing where to deploy your money most effectively), and don’t ask for your funds to be matched. Often this will achieve nothing, distract everyone, and delay the important work from starting. Read her blog here


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