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'backed daughter's mission to help educate children in Guatemala'

Dave McKee joins Purposely Podcast to share his unique founder story

It all started with a phone call from his daughter Sophie seventeen years ago when she was in Guatemala and he was in Nottingham. Sophie was teaching disadvantaged children English when she discovered the school was on the brink of collapse because they had no funding. A call to her Dad changed both their futures and set them on a new path helping to transform the lives of children living in poverty.

Together they set up the UK Charity ‘Education for the Children’ which runs and funds a school in in the Jocotenango region of Guatemala. Over the last two decades they have dramatically raised local education standards and empowered thousands of children living in the region to reach their full potential through access to quality education. With one of the lowest literacy rates in the Western Hemisphere, many people in Jocotenango struggle to find jobs or put food on the table. The charity’s aim is set their students up with jobs and employment opportunities available to those with qualifications in neighbouring Antigua and Guatemala City.

Dave is both the founder and Chief Executive while Sophie is an active trustee and they both live in a small town near Valencia, Spain.


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