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Creating lasting community impact, Ruth Ibegbuna

The team at Purposely is delighted to present an episode of the UK-based Charity Impact Podcast featuring the remarkable serial social entrepreneur, Ruth Ibegbuna.

In this interview, host Alex Blake takes us on a journey through Ruth Ibegbuna's inspiring life, where she has founded multiple organisations including Reclaim Project, Roots Programme, Rekindle School, and Northern Soul. Ruth shares her transition from being a teacher to becoming a dedicated social entrepreneur, emphasising the vital role of listening to communities and addressing their unique needs. Through her experiences, she highlights the significance of balancing grassroots care with thought leadership, resulting in a positive and lasting impact in the realm of social change.

Fundraising and board meetings can indeed be daunting challenges for any social entrepreneur, but in this conversation, Alex and Ruth delve into invaluable insights on building strong relationships with funders and assembling the right individuals for your organisation's board. They touch upon key strategies that have brought remarkable successes to Ruth's ventures, which have in turn led to significant changes in the communities they serve. Ruth shares the transformative power of embracing difficult conversations when necessary and adopting a genuine and authentic approach in professional settings.

Moreover, the discussion takes a closer look at the importance of taking risks and fostering a culture of learning within the realm of social entrepreneurship. Ruth sheds light on Rekindle School, a groundbreaking initiative operating alongside the regular school curriculum, providing young people with a safe space to explore critical topics such as feminism, toxic masculinity, and race.

Throughout the conversation, Alex and Ruth also highlight the significance of finding useful resources for social entrepreneurs and the undeniable power of taking action by connecting with organisations that are making a positive impact.

If you're looking for inspiration to elevate your own organisation's impact, don't miss out on this enlightening conversation with Ruth Ibegbuna. Join Alex Blake and get ready to be inspired by Ruth's extraordinary journey and her unwavering dedication to making the world a better place.


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