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Empowering charities to engage Government and deliver their mission

Introducing Angus Crowther and Neil Pharaoh, Co-founders of Tanck, a consultancy firm transforming government engagement and advocacy for purpose-led organisations.

Tanck's mission is to empower purpose-led organisations by providing the know-how and the strategy for impactful government engagement. The is B Corp certified consultancy firm is on a mission to level the playing field by countering the influence of lobbyists and private interests that often shape policy decisions.

United by their shared dedication to positive change, Angus Crowther and Neil Pharaoh are reshaping the dynamics of government engagement for purpose-led organisations.

In a world grappling with urgent environmental crises and profound social issues, the role of charities and purpose-led organisations has become unparalleled. These entities champion the voices of stakeholders who often lack direct avenues to connect with policymakers and governments. Effective government engagement bridges the gap between their aspirations and the decisions that shape our society.

Embedded within social purpose organisations is an innate commitment to democracy's preservation and promotion. Their work not only confronts critical social challenges but also empowers the public with accessible information, facilitating informed decisions and tangible actions. The charity sector assumes a pivotal role by holding both public and private sectors accountable, ensuring that policies align with broader societal interests.

Angus Crowther brings a unique perspective rooted in his background as a policy and political advisor. His diverse portfolio spans vital sectors, showcasing versatility and deep comprehension of societal complexities. Beyond politics, Angus is a passionate advocate for the LGBTIQ+ community, aligning his personal journey with professional ambitions, driving his commitment to meaningful societal shifts.

Equally passionate, co-founder Neil Pharaoh drives government engagement and advocacy. With an extensive background spanning social purpose, government, public policy, and advocacy, Neil's leadership roles position him as a catalyst for transformative change. His efforts span crucial domains, including child welfare, education, refugee support, and LGBTIQ+ issues.

Neil's influence extends beyond campaigns, notably within the LGBTIQ+ philanthropic group GiveOUT and his contributions to legislative reforms. His pivotal role in founding Tanck in 2021 underscores his dedication to positive transformation.

As Tanck continues to empower organisations dedicated to societal transformation, the combined legacies of Angus and Neil resonate. They hope their commitment will reshape how purpose-led organisations interact with governments, paving a path toward a promising future defined by positive change.


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