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Former med student and pilot becomes green tech entrepreneur, Dave Rouse

CarbonClick CEO Dave Rouse joins Purposely Podcast to share his journey including his successes and failures. A former medical student ‘I wasn’t mature enough to deal with death and illness at that point of my life’ and commercial pilot.

Dave is now a successful entrepreneur and early stage investor. He also has a day job as CEO of a successful green tech company CarbonClick. CarbonClick was created after two of Dave’s colleagues, founders Jan Czaplicki and Paul Brady were working on an offsetting programme for a major international airline. The third founder is aviation expert Michelle Noordermeer. They saw how hard it was for businesses to create their own programme, access or perform proper due diligence on offset projects, and then trace and reconcile those credits to prove customer payments had been accounted for.

CarbonClick was born to make climate action simple and transparent for businesses. The founders approached Dave to be their CEO after he had invested in the company early, at the ‘family, friends and fools round’. He believed in the founders and the concept.


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