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From a corporate career to a social enterprise 'selling kindness', Sarah Page founder & CEO

Sarah Page joins Purposely Podcast to share her founder story starting the Kindness Collective Foundation (KCF).

It began with Sarah bringing together a small group of people wanting to do good in the community, their vision to help build a kinder New Zealand. The collective is now a registered charity with a network of over 10,000 people including active donors, volunteers, brands and businesses.

Described by Sarah as ‘quite simply a match-making service’, matching those in need with those who have more to share. They make it easy for people, brands and businesses to help kiwis in need. They work with schools, early childhood education centres, social services, community groups and other charities to donate time, tools, resources and money.

The Kindness Collective point to the poverty and family violence statistics that continue to climb in New Zealand. 1 in 5 children experience hardship, and at least 33% of New Zealanders experience some form of food insecurity. Sarah believes in the power of communities helping each other to offer creative resource solutions to the many problems families face in society.

Starting the Kindness Collective also helped Sarah to overcome a period of unhappiness in her life, helping others proved a real antedote to dark days as a new mum experiencing post natal depression.

Before the Kindness Collective, Sarah worked in Marketing and PR for many years within hospitality, music industries and corporate event management. Working with bars, nightclubs and restaurant groups with their marketing, music, events and PR strategies. Sarah started the Kindness Collective in 2014 with a mobile food bank operation delivering food to a local Women’s Refuge group and has grown the charity to what it is now.

Sarah has big plans for the Kindness Collective to impact the lives of as many people as possible in Aotearoa.


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