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Helping good causes tell their story online, Alecia Hancock

Alecia Hancock joins Purposely Podcast to share her founder story with Hancock Creative.

A former fashion journalist and editor, Alecia is now a celebrated businesswoman and entrepreneur who has a passion for helping charities, non-profits and for purpose businesses shine a light on the causes they support.

Alecia is a woman on a mission, an incredibly driven individual who is willing to take risks to deliver value to others. Her determination is evident in this episode as she describes ‘keeping on, keeping on’ through some tough times, refusing to be beaten by the pandemic or by her own health issues. Alecia’s mission is to high-light worthwhile causes around the world by providing accessible online education for cause based organisations.

Alecia founded Hancock Creative in 2010, initially focused on providing small business a range of creative services. The business Alecia runs today is very different to that early vision. Hancock Creative now focuses on worthwhile global causes by providing accessible education to not for profits and socially-motivated organisations, ‘We help them tell their stories in today’s digital world’.

Her education seminars and events aptly named change the world help cause-based organisations tell their story. They predominately teach causes to use social media to fuel their growth. Alecia describes social media as ‘the most powerful tool that exists today to reach out to an audience and get them to take action – with little or no money spent’. Hancock Creative also delivers impactful content through a podcast and global training events

While Alecia and her team are based in Perth Western Australia their reach is global and they regularly work with clients across North America, the UK and the rest of Australasia


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