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'In my 20's I flew pretty close to the sun' - Emma Turner, doyenne of Philanthropy

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Described by others as the doyenne of philanthropy and an expert wealth therapist Emma shares her views on wealth, philanthropy and giving as well as the wider charity sector. Emma also talks about her incredible career from Conde Nast and Vogue to corporate giving for a respected American finance company and providing philanthropy services for a leading UK bank.

Emma talks about her own personal battles in her late 20s ‘In my late 20’s I flew pretty close to the sun and I got a little torched’ and how this led her to turning her life around and working for a charity helping people going through the same thing.

Director of Philanthropy at Barclays Bank with 30 years experience in the field of Philanthropy, she has learnt a lot about giving from all sides of the room. She understands motivation; aspiration; inspiration and frustration in equal measure “every client teaches me something new, so every day is different. You will hear that she is most passionate about 'Smart Giving', mainly because she doesn’t see enough examples of it herself. Her Smart Giving recipe is something she try’s to pass on to clients to ensure they know what to look for when giving and that they ask the right questions in order to get the answers before they give.

Emma also talks about her own very personal experience and approach to philanthropy and she is President of her own private family foundation in the USA.


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