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Leading a charity, Tracy Clark

Tracy Clark, CEO of Young Gloucestershire (YG), has joined Purposely to share her remarkable journey in non-profit leadership and her organisation's mission to empower young people throughout the county to realise their full potential.

Tracy is an inspiring and purpose-driven leader, embodying the ideal qualities of a charitable leadership including empathy, lived experience, a commitment to growth, both personally and as a leader. She places a strong emphasis on valuing and respecting young individuals and their unique challenges. Tracy takes pride in her ability to deeply understand the issues faced by the individuals her charity serves.

What stands out is Tracy's ability to connect with people from all walks of life. She navigates comfortably when dealing with government officials, business leaders, boards of trustees, or high-net-worth donors in the more affluent areas of the county.

Tracy's distinctive background and life experiences make her the perfect candidate to lead a grassroots charity, a role she has successfully filled for over a decade. Despite numerous challenges, including funding shortages, a rising cost of living, and the global pandemic that has exacerbated mental health issues among young people, she continues to lead YG with unwavering energy. Her effectiveness in this role was so remarkable that she was entrusted with a second role as the part-time CEO of Infobuzz, another local charity focused on transforming lives.

Young Gloucestershire was established following the merger of two youth groups in the 1940s. For over eighty years, it has been inspiring young people in both rural and urban settings, including cities, towns, and villages.

Tracy humbly deflects the claim that she is the ideal charity leader, instead emphasising her focus on aiding young people facing the most significant life challenges—those stemming from socio-economic issues, psychological abuse, or neglect. These are young individuals often living on the fringes of society, brimming with potential but uncertain about how they can contribute to society or lead fulfilled, purposeful lives. YG achieves this through a range of services, either provided directly or on behalf of other organisations like the Prince's Trust, where they offer a 12-week engagement program for young individuals not engaged in education, employment, or training, helping them discover motivation and become the best versions of themselves.

Many of the young people they assist come from tumultuous home environments, are caregivers for family members, or are grappling with mental health challenges. Young people turn to YG for support, and the organization assists them in practical ways, helping them build the confidence and skills necessary to reorient their lives toward gainful employment, education, or training.


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