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'Leading a cities generosity', Loredana Fyffe

Updated: May 29, 2023

Welcome to Purposely with Loredana Fyffe, CEO of the Sydney Community Foundation (SCF).

Established in 2004, the foundation has been connecting philanthropy with Sydney communities in need for over a decade. Loredana recently celebrated her first year in the role and shares her experiences thus far, along with her vision for the future. This includes building upon the positive impact achieved so far while focusing on growing the foundation's managed funds to ensure long-term and significant impact.

‘Can we build a permanent endowment for the city, we are really well placed, Sydney, holds tremendous wealth and really eager and generous people’.

Loredana also discusses her family dynamics and the inspiration she draws from her parents and grandparents. As the daughter of Italian immigrants to Australia, she admires her parents' bravery in moving to a country where they didn't speak the language, as well as their strong work ethic and selflessness, which has deeply influenced her.

Initially starting her career as a product designer, Loredana was fortunate to become involved in a workplace giving initiative that ignited a passion within her for the for-purpose sector. From that point forward, she dedicated herself to making a difference.

Operating as a charitable trust, the foundation pools donations from individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to create a lasting positive impact on the lives of Sydneysiders. SCF is one of 40 community foundations based in Australia, collectively managing funds totalling $500 million. Over a two-year period leading up to 2022, they donated $145 million to various good causes across the country.

The foundation's most prominent sub-fund is the Sydney Women's Fund, which was established shortly after its inception, reflecting the priority placed on promoting gender equity from the beginning. Like women's funds in New York, Washington, and London, the Sydney Women's Fund is supported by women who come together to make a collective impact. They utilize their profiles, ideas, skills, and resources to ensure that all women and girls in Sydney thrive.

Notably, the Women's Fund was initiated by influential figures such as Wendy McCarthy AO and Lucy Brogden AM, with Georgina Byron AM currently serving as its dedicated chair, channelling their expertise into research, advocacy, program funding, fundraising, and raising awareness about gender equity in the city. Together, their efforts aim to drive positive change and foster a more equitable society.

Loredana highlights the numerous grassroots programs that the foundation has funded over the years. Many of these programs have become deeply embedded in their communities, particularly addressing the challenges faced by women and families in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Sydney.

Last year, the foundation mourned the loss of its former chair, Rosalind Strong AM, whose unwavering belief in Loredana led her to join the foundation. Rosalind played a significant role in shaping the foundation and its impactful initiatives. Among her many accomplishments, she organized flagship events celebrating the remarkable women of Sydney. In memory of Rosalind, she generously contributed to the foundation.

Loredana is genuinely enthusiastic about expanding the foundation's reach and fostering even greater generosity across the city of New South Wales.

‘The power of the Community Foundation is its Board, its committees, its volunteers, the advocates that that unite around it and always have.’


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