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Leading a high profile charity, Sarah Green

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Meet Sarah Green, CEO of the Katie Piper Foundation, a UK-based charity that provides support and advocacy for burns survivors.

With a career that started in finance, Sarah transitioned to the charity sector in 2003 as a fundraiser for a small international development charity. She later focused on event-based fundraising for the St Elizabeth and St Helena hospices before joining the Katie Piper Foundation.

Sarah's passion for the health sector was inspired by the care and support her late father received, along with her family. She was determined to lead an organisation one day, so she invested in relevant qualifications, successfully completing a Master’s degree in Voluntary Sector Management.

In October 2018, Sarah was appointed CEO of the Katie Piper Foundation, realising her dream of leading an organisation. While this was an exciting opportunity for both Sarah and the foundation, she faced unforeseen challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic and economic disruption. These challenges have led to a cost-of-living crisis, which may negatively affect the charities' ability to raise funds.

The Katie Piper Foundation, established in 2009 by burns survivor Katie Piper, is proud to be survivor-led, providing in-person and virtual rehabilitation services. They support adult survivors of burns and those living with severe trauma scarring, addressing both their physical and mental health.

Katie started the foundation from her parents' house a year into her recovery from a horrific acid attack outside a North London internet café. The attack caused third-degree burns to her face and chest and blinded her in one eye. Prior to the attack, Piper had a career in modelling and TV presenting, planning a future in the media. Though her life changed forever that day, Katie remained determined to fulfil her potential and not let the attack define her. While Katie's journey to recovery has been long and difficult, requiring surgery to clear blockages caused by scar tissue, she has become an inspiration for other burns survivors, both personally and through the foundation's work.

Today, the Katie Piper Foundation provides rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy and emotional support, and advocates for survivors, helping to connect them to the services and interventions they require. The foundation's work is a testament to the strength and resilience of burns survivors and the dedication of Sarah and her team.

Katie remains heavily involved in the charity and, as one of nine skilled volunteers, serves as a trustee. In addition, the charity has two notable ambassadors: celebrity music guru Simon Cowell and businessman Simon McCabe.

Hear about Catrin Pugh, one of the many amazing people supported by the charity.

Catrin Pugh is a true inspiration and a testament to the positive impact that the Katie Piper Foundation has on the lives of survivors.

When Catrin was only 19 years old, she was involved in a coach accident in France where the coach's brakes failed and the driver had to make a split-second decision to crash into the mountain to save everyone on board. Tragically, the coach exploded, and Catrin suffered 95% burns all over her body, except for her scalp and soles of her feet.

Despite facing overwhelming medical and clinical challenges, Catrin survived.

During her long and difficult recovery, Catrin received physiotherapy that amazed her. Inspired by the physiotherapists who helped her, Catrin decided to go to university to train as a physiotherapist herself. Despite facing many challenges, Catrin graduated and is now physiotherapist for the Katie Piper Foundation. She is also a model and speaks for organisations around visible differences.

Catrin's story is one of strength, resilience, and perseverance. As a survivor, she has come full circle and is now helping other survivors. Her story is a powerful example of the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity and make a positive impact on the world.


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