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Leading an industry to make a positive impact, Clay Dunn CEO of VOW for Girls

Every year, an alarming 12 million young girls are forced into marriage before they even reach the age of 18.

Doing something about this is, VOW for Girls CEO Clay Dunn who joins Purposely to share his charities vision and mission, which is a world where no child is ever forced into matrimony, and that they will play a crucial role in eradicating child marriage, to give each and every girl the right to shape her own destiny.

So how do they do this? VOW for Girls collaborates with brands, individuals, and the wedding industry to raise vital funds that will help to extinguish the international child marriage crisis.

The roots of this impactful charity trace back to its two visionary founders, including Darren Walker, the President of the Ford Foundation, and Mabel van Oranje, a passionate human rights activist. Their remarkable journey began with an "aha moment" at a wedding, where a couple selflessly requested donations in lieu of gifts. This moment ignited the question: What if they could unite the wedding industry with their fervently championed cause and effectively put an end to the harrowing international child marriage crisis? Darren Walker, the President of the Ford Foundation, immediately pledged his support. And thus, VOW for Girls was born—an ever-growing global movement that collaborates with both brands and individuals, all bound together by a common vow to safeguard the future, pledging to put an end to child marriage worldwide. VOW for Girls is a solemn vow made for the betterment of generations to come.

Clay Dunn, the Chief Executive Officer of VOW for Girls, shares the organisation's mission and impact and takes us on a journey through his own leadership journey. Clay's path led him from a marketing executive in the entertainment industry to his pivotal role as the head of this impactful non-profit.

Clay Dunn, appointed CEO in 2019, marking the organisation's very first chief executive. Under his stewardship, VOW has witnessed remarkable growth, expanding its team, developing a community of loyal supporters, forging crucial partnerships. VOW for Girls has raised and distributed millions to help hundreds of girls across the Globe, funding 170+ transformative projects spanning across 6 countries, profoundly touching the lives of an astounding 260,000 young girls.

Before joining VOW, Clay devoted nearly a decade to the No Kid Hungry campaign, a movement aimed at ending childhood hunger in America, where he was an integral member of the founding team. During his tenure, the campaign's annual revenues surged to an impressive $80 million. Prior to his journey into purpose-driven work, Clay had a successful career as a marketing and entertainment executive, culminating with a role at National Geographic Channels. A native of Kentucky, Clay now calls Brooklyn home, where he resides with his husband, cherishing the opportunity to explore the vibrant tapestry of experiences that New York City offers.


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