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Leading corporate philanthropy, Kate Brown

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Kate Brown, a prominent figure in corporate philanthropy, recently joined the Purposely Podcast to shed light on her career journey with Grosvenor.

Her story is one of evolution, from commercial and sustainability-focused roles to her current position leading their community and charitable initiatives. Kate's unwavering commitment is dedicated to supporting young lives and addressing systemic challenges. Although most of her work for Grosvenor has been in the UK, she spent ten transformative years in Sydney, Australia.

Kate's role as the Westminster Foundation & Philanthropy Director places her at the helm of an independent organisation representing the charitable activities of The Duke of Westminster and Grosvenor businesses. Kate is well-positioned to fulfil their mission of supporting and empowering young people. The Foundation's central mission revolves around providing enduring, sustainable support and guidance to vulnerable individuals aged 0-25 and their families, equipping them with the skills needed for healthy lives.

While their primary focus is on Westminster, Chester, and rural communities in Lancashire and Sutherland, the Westminster Foundation extends its support to national organisations addressing long-term systemic challenges affecting children and young people. This dual approach ensures that the Foundation's impact is both localized and geared toward driving systemic change.

Partnering for Impact

The Westminster Foundation donates approximately £7 million per year (with increased contributions during the pandemic) to organisations focused on the needs of disadvantaged young people. Their approach is rooted in collaboration with the charities they support. Notable examples of organisations they have partnered with include Jamie’s Farm and Depaul UK.

Jamie’s Farm, situated in Box, Wiltshire, is a therapeutic farm that hosts groups of young people from inner cities. The immersive experience provided by Jamie’s Farm is focused on instigating positive changes in the perceptions, attitudes, and self-esteem of children and young people. On the other hand, Depaul UK, based in Westminster, empowers young people at risk of homelessness through emergency accommodation and prevention work in schools.

Beyond financial support, the Foundation seeks to boost partner organisations by providing access to valuable resources. Grosvenor's 'Fivefields' project is a prime example of this commitment, designed to create a flexible workspace tailored to the needs of charities and social impact organizations. Located in London's Victoria area, Fivefields aligns seamlessly with the Westminster Foundation's mission to uplift vulnerable young people.

Initiated by the Duke of Westminster, the Fivefields project combines Grosvenor's property expertise and resources with the Westminster Foundation's philanthropic leadership. The building will be managed by flexible workspace specialists x+why, a B Corp certified company.

Anticipated to open in Autumn 2023, Fivefields will provide a conducive environment for like-minded charities to collaborate, network, and grow. With two-thirds of the building dedicated to charities that support children and young people, it will offer them access to central London that may otherwise be financially out of reach. The Westminster Foundation will further support selected charities by covering membership costs, nurturing a community committed to amplifying their crucial work.

Kate Brown looks ahead with enthusiasm and hope, committed to her role and leadership of the Westminster Foundation. She recognises the pressing issues that young people face and takes inspiration from impactful projects she can visit. Kate emphasises the inspiration she derives from the charities they partner with and support, reinforcing her dedication to nurturing young lives through corporate philanthropy.

‘Seeing the world through the eyes of children is so powerful be that my own children or the children we support through the (work) of the foundation’


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