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'Lived experience fuels passion to help others', Kerryn Thrupp

Welcome to Purposely Podcast with Kerryn Thrupp, CEO of Woven Earth, a New Zealand charity that transforms empty houses into homes for survivors of domestic violence.

In this episode, Kerryn shares her founder story and vision for the future.

Kerryn knows that the fear of losing homes and possessions can prevent people from leaving violent relationships. Woven Earth works with frontline domestic violence agencies to furnish homes for survivors and help them rebuild their lives. They work with over 31 agencies across Auckland, New Zealand including Victim Support Auckland, the police, homeless accommodation providers, and refuge agencies, who identify families that need help.

Woven Earth furnishes approximately 20 homes a month and positively impacts the lives of thousands of women and children in the Auckland region. Kerryn and her team pay close attention to detail, considering each family member's likes, hobbies, interests, and what they have lost as part of their journey.

There is a growing demand for their services and Kerryn is excited to have recently hired her first operations employee, allowing her to delegate responsibilities and expand the charity's reach. Until now, Woven Earth has relied on volunteers and support from charitable foundations, individuals, and businesses.


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