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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ep #177 'Purposely Heroes' 2023

Welcome to the final episode of Purposely for 2023 - Out Wednesday 27 December

Picture: Team Purposely, Mark & Jon

This episode focuses on the origins of Purposely, the ‘why’ it started and (a little bit) about how it has become one of the leading nonprofit podcasts in the UK, Australia and New Zealand (spoiler alert, it is because of our wonderful guests rather than our host!).

We celebrate a few of the ‘Purposely Heroes’ for 2023, founders of charities and social enterprises, those who had a dream about how they could help people or planet and then made it happen. These individuals embarked on incredible journeys of impact and purpose often with co-founders.

One such person is Sasha Lockley, the founder and CEO of Money Sweetspot, a social enterprise dedicated to helping people escape the clutches of debt. Sasha's firsthand experience with financial challenges gives her a clear vision of the mission, offering hope and empowerment to many.

Laurence Marshbaum, another remarkable social entrepreneur, founded 10 x 10 Philanthropy and Community Capital. His commitment to innovative fundraising and portfolio management generating income for good causes has been truly inspiring, with a significant impact on young people.

Lucas Patchett, co-founder of OrangeSky, showcased an unwavering dedication to helping people experiencing homelessness and helping them to rebuild their lives and mental health. The profound impact of their work on the homeless community in Australia and New Zealand is a testament to their selflessness and dedication.

Ren Fernando, co-founder of Re-Love a social enterprise focusing helping people in need to create homes in a sustainable way. Ren is driven by an unyielding passion for making a difference and her dedication to rescuing furniture and gifting it to those in need promises a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Mary Rose Gunn, founder of The Fore, which is pioneering efforts to revolutionise philanthropy by supporting innovative enterprises and charities, many of them start-up by connecting capital with motivated individuals and bringing about a positive change.

Kerryn Thrupp, founder of Woven Earth a phenomenal New Zealand charity that transforms empty houses into homes for survivors of domestic violence. Kerryn's lived experience fuels her passion to help families.

A special mention also goes to 'for purpose' founders who also featured this year, Anna Josse, Prism the Gift Fund, Bill Murphy, Purpose Capital, Rhodri Davies, Why Philanthropy Matters?, Benjamin Janes, Trust Partnership, James Lewis, Action for Elders, Stephanie Pow, Crayon, and Angus Crowther and Neil Pharoah, Tanck as guests of Purposely and notable figures to watch out for in 2024.

and from 2022 Sarah Page, Kindness Collective, Afam Onyema GEANCO Foundation, James Palmer Community Finance, Barry Coates Mindful Money, Samuel Grice, Octopus Legacy, Becky Endicott and Jonathan McCoy We Are For Good, Bridget Williams Bead and Proceed, Christine Langdon The Good Registry, Mike Seawright Relief Aid, Rachel Brown Sustainable Business Network, Dave Rouse Carbon Click, Rui Peng Critical, Hendrikus van Henbergen, John Berry Pathfinder, Steve Wickham The Giving Department and Steven Zinsli Healthnow.

A massive thank all of our wonderful guests (58 this year alone), listeners, sponsors and supporters!

Here's to a new year filled with purpose, inspiration, and positive impact!


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