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Millennials Transforming Philanthropy 10X10

Laurence Marshbaum joins Purposely Podcast to share his founder story

Laurence is Founder and Chairman of 10x10 Philanthropy, a non-profit, millennial based movement that has raised and distributed over $2M to grassroots charities around the world. In 2013 Laurence and a group of close friends started the movement in Sydney, engaging over 10,000 individual donors, 900 core volunteers. Not only is he the founder of an amazing charity enterprise but he also has a top job in finance, playing a key role in Alternative Strategies for Australian based fund Sunsuper. This role has taken him to New York, London and Australasia and has given him some amazing opportunities - but also made him realise how fortunate he was. His Jewish faith grounded him and gave him an appreciation of the power and effectiveness of giving. Laurence is a driven and passionate individual who is only just getting started! He has plans to further scale and grow this innovative nonprofit to more people, cities and countries. He lays down the challenge to others to join him on the 10x10 Philanthropy Mission. Listen to find out more about the people, podcasts and books that have inspired him throughout his journey.

10x10 Website –


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