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My mother's cancer inspired me to act

Nina Rauch is founder of the Pink Week campaign and social impact coordinator for insuretech company Lemonade.

At the age of 16 Nina founded her own charity, Pink Week, to raise awareness of breast cancer among young people. It is a cause close to her heart. Her mother, Dina Rabinovitch, the former Guardian columnist, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 10. As she got older she realised that young women were not being targeted by breast cancer charities, despite it being the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. “There was silence on the topic at my all-girls’ school and at my university.” In the four years since its launch, the Pink Week campaign has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds microdonations (some as small as £3).

Nina’s belief that charities’ focus on older donors with greater financial resources has led to a growing generation gap in giving. Thirty years ago, people over 60 gave about a third of UK charity donations. But now more than half of all UK donations are from people over 60. “This gap shouldn’t exist. My generation – Gen Z – is on track to become the largest generation of consumers by 2020, with up to $4bn in spending power in the US alone. There needs to be a radical shift in what non-profit organisations see as their target audience. In 2017, Nina founded her second social enterprise, a refugee organization, and moved to Tel Aviv in July, where she runs Social Impact for Lemonade, an insuretech company.


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