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Secrets of being a successful 'serial social entrepreneur'

Julia Capon joins Purposely to share her founder story starting Do Good Jobs.

Do Good Jobs is a popular online job board connecting people with job opportunities that create social and environmental change.

She established the website in 2012 as a side hustle. Later she realised it’s potential and looked to commercialise the opportunities.

You will hear how Julia is a serial social entrepreneur that is focused on building businesses that balance purpose and impact alongside profit.

She has co-founded a social enterprise, Eco Geek Co a low-carbon solutions provider, focused on sustainability and action. She also recently founded Thundergrid, an EV charging infrastructure company which has seen significant growth over the past three years - from startup to a rapidly scaling electro mobility partner for government and corporates.

Move this is before ‘she recently founded’ Sustainability is a passion of Julia's and she is driven to help solve the climate crisis.

Julia also supports others to thrive and help improve society and the environment. Delivering training, courses and coaching to support the professional development of purpose-led people. Her courses focus on: mindset, vision/strategy and systems.

Julia came close to burnout when she was balancing starting Do Good Jobs and the pressures of another day job. This led Julia to a period of reflection and the development of strategies and tools that helped her to be more productive and protect her mental health.


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