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Serial social entrepreneur, Laurence Marshbaum

Welcoming Laurence Marshbaum OAM back to Purposely to share his incredible founder stories.

Investment management is all about picking the right stocks to maximise returns, right?! Maybe considering an investors tolerance for risk and diversifying the investments across asset classes and markets.

That is also true for experienced Sydney based portfolio manager Laurence Marshbaum and Barrenjoey Capital Partners and their firm Community Capital. Well, it is only half true and alongside financial returns for investors they are fully focused on delivering social impact and providing vital funds for good causes.

Established in December 2022, Community Capital invests in private markets at a discounted price and then donates the generated funds to good causes. Causes and social purpose organisations selected by an experienced advisory board with individuals who are close to community issues and philanthropy.

Laurence was inspired to act during the pandemic and was looking at ways he could use his knowledge, skills, and experience of the investment profession to do good and deliver funding to the community. So far, they have raised $383M USD/ $550M AUD for the fund and on their way to delivering returns for investors as well as social impact through an unlisted credit fund.

Backers for the fund include Australian Retirement Trust, Laurence’s former employer, Minderoo Foundation, Legalsuper and MLC Insignia.

This is second for purpose organisation founded by Laurence and in June 2022 Laurence received a Medal of the Order of Australia from Lord Governor General David Hurley for his services to the charity sector through his social enterprise 10 X 10 Philanthropy. 10 X 10 operates in 14 cities in 7 countries and has raised over $5 million for early stage and grassroots not-for-profits.

Established in 2013, Laurence and two other passionate social entrepreneurs shared a vision that everyone can make a difference by getting involved in philanthropy. Together, Laurence Marshbaum, Nina Skryzynski and Jenny Newmarch saw that professionals like themselves wanted to lead purpose driven lives and give back to their local communities, but lacked the time, knowledge, and framework to make a difference.

On the flipside, grassroots for purpose organisations (not for profits) struggle to find financial support and volunteers to sustain their work. Laurence, Nina, and Jenny brought 10 friends to an organised event, with each friend inviting 10 of their friends, thus bringing together 100 people into the room with 3 social purpose organisations in attendance. That night they raised $11,000 for the non-profits, and the concept of 10×10 was born.

10×10 grew organically from Sydney to each Australian capital city as the news of this interesting model of philanthropy travelled. It wasn’t long before major cities in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Canada and New Zealand were established and in mid-2021, Laurence, Nina and Jenny reunited to celebrate the milestone 100th 10×10.

Laurence featured on episode #23 of Purposely ‘millennials transforming philanthropy 10x10’


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