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Successfully growing a donor advised fund, Anna Josse

Welcoming Anna Josse to Purposely to share her mission to empower and inspire giving in the UK and Globally.

Join us as we delve into the world of purpose-driven giving with Anna Josse, co-founder, and CEO of Prism the Gift Fund. Anna's remarkable story as a founder and her unwavering commitment to social entrepreneurship have paved the way for one of the largest donor-advised funds in the UK.

In the early 2000s, Anna's curiosity led her to explore trust structures in America, igniting a passion to understand and revolutionize the UK market with her unique approach to giving. This drive to make a difference laid the foundation for Prism the Gift Fund (Prism). At the core of Prism’s mission is the empowerment of organisations, individuals, and groups to contribute to meaningful causes without the burden of establishing their own charitable foundations. By increasing the flow of funds into the charitable sector, locally and globally, Prism strives to create lasting impact and positive change.

Since its inception in 2005, Prism has experienced remarkable growth, fuelled by referrals from clients and private client intermediaries such as banks, law firms, and accountants. This organic expansion has meant that in financial year end June 2022, they received £115 million in donation income, distributed £60 million worldwide, and have assets valued at approximately £250 million.

Anna's pursuit of excellence extends beyond philanthropy. She believes in creating memorable experiences, whether engaging with others or hosting a dinner party. Every interaction is infused with a commitment to value and comfort, reflecting her dedication to making a difference in all aspects of life.

The success of Prism can be attributed to multiple factors. Anna highlights the growing acceptance of donor-advised funds in the sector, providing major donors with a solution to fill funding gaps left by the government. Moreover, navigating the complex regulatory landscape has been instrumental in Prism’s achievements.

Anna emphasizes Prism’s focus lies in distributing funds into the sector, not just in accumulating money. Their success is measured by the impact of funds donated to causes promoting social and environmental well-being, making a tangible difference in the world.

Collaborating with Prism offers numerous advantages, including their expertise in tax-related matters, such as maximizing the value of donations through Gift Aid. They also embrace diverse forms of contributions, from cash and shares to property, art, and even crypto currencies, ensuring flexibility for donors.

Anna's commitment to fostering positive change is at the forefront of Prism’s endeavours. With each step forward, they amplify the flow of funds into the charitable sector, ensuring vital resources reach those who need them most. Anna challenges major donors to reflect on their giving capacity and consider expanding their contributions, as the rewards of giving extend far beyond the act itself.

‘We encourage a paradigm shift towards the concept of ‘warm money’ — giving during one's lifetime, when the impact can be directly felt and experienced.’


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