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Swapping the music industry for purpose and profit, Duncan Morley Bruce

In the ever-evolving world of payments processing, characterised by constant innovation and technological advancements, there emerges a standout startup with a unique approach and a charitable mission.

Give Credit, a US-based payments processing company that not only delivers payment solutions but also generates vital funds for non-profit organisations.

Co-founder and CEO Duncan Morley Bruce joined Purposely Podcast to share his company’s mission as well as his personal story. Duncan is a driven and charismatic person who is determined to reshape the role of business, with more of a focus on making a positive impact on bringing about positive social change.

Before diving into the area of entrepreneurship and payments processing, Duncan Morley Bruce's life was centred around his passion for music and performing. From a young age, he was drawn to the art of singing, song writing, and creativity. As a child, Duncan's love for music was evident, and he began writing songs as early as the age of 10.

Duncan's foray into the music industry was successful and he achieved notable accolades, including becoming a three-time Billboard charting artist, with his song "Find You Now" featuring Rick Ross reaching the top 10 on the Billboard charts. Additionally, Duncan had the privilege of collaborating with renowned artists like DJ Paul Oakenfold and DJ Scribble.

While Duncan's was having some success with his music career, he never lost sight of his desire to make a difference in the world. One of his most significant achievements in music was a song called "Give Me a Sign," where he aimed to raise awareness about homelessness and poverty. Duncan allocated a portion of the record's proceeds to the charity "Why Poverty," showcasing his passion for philanthropy even within the realm of music.

However, as time passed and the music industry became more and more challenging and unforgiving, Duncan felt a calling to do more than inspire through music. He wanted to leverage his creative background and entrepreneurial mindset to create a lasting impact beyond the realm of entertainment. With a family to care for and a desire to make a tangible difference, Duncan eventually made the decision to transition from the music industry to a more purpose-driven path.

The idea behind Give Credit came to fruition with Duncan's realisation that the payments industry held tremendous untapped potential for driving positive change. Along with his co-founder, Robert Nekoroski set out to create a payment processing company that went beyond simply facilitating transactions. Give Credit is designed to make a lasting impact by channelling a percentage of every transaction towards supporting charitable causes and social initiatives.

Duncan believes that Give Credit's innovative approach to payments processing, combined with its commitment to social responsibility, will transform everyday transactions into a means of generating funds for worthy causes.


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