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Tara Arnold lost her first born son Buddy in July 2017, tragically he was stillborn

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Tara joins Purposely Podcast to share her story and how she recovered from her ‘catastrophic trauma’. Her deep grief propelled her to start a social enterprise, helping others who have also lost a baby. Tara has gone on to have a second child, a little girl who is now one year old.

Nova Foundation, the charity set up to honour Buddy’s memory, provides support so that other parents do not have to deal with the loss of a baby alone. The lack of therapeutic support she received was a motivator for Tara, she realised how little bereavement or trauma support was available to parents who lose a newborn.

Nova educates parents to understand the difference between trauma and bereavement and ensures that traumatised parents receive the support and understanding they need to rehabilitate into their ‘new normal’.

Nova Foundation’s vision is a world without babyloss. The mission is to ensure that every parent who experiences babyloss receives immediate comfort, trauma and bereavement support for as long as they need, as well as anxiety and practical support in any subsequent pregnancies.


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