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Tech for good company disrupting the $400 billion philanthropy industry

Gauri Manglik joins Purposely to share her founder story starting Fondu and Instrumentl.

Every year Americans give over $400 million through philanthropy, in 2020 that amount rose to $470 million, largely because of the pandemic and the increased need. This is a phenomenal amount of money that is crucial to the wellbeing of millions around the world.

Gauri Manglik is someone focused on improving this industry and its effectiveness to ensure greater impact. In 2014 Gauri and her co founder and wife Angela Braren (pictured below) launched Instrumentl, a web based software solution to help smooth the transfer of funds between institutions and the causes they want to support. It's like a matching service for institutional donors and nonprofits focused on making a positive difference to society and the environment.

Instrumentl is a member of the highly regarded Y- Combinator start-up, winning funding and support soon after launch. It was built to help fundraisers make the best use of their valuable time and energy and their aim was to make the grant process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Gauri and her team are headquartered in San Francisco, although their software is used in every US state and country around the world.

'We think it's time for the lack of available funding to stop getting in the way. Our mission is to help you move the world forward, one project at a time'

Gauri was also the founder of Fondu, a review site started in New York in 2010, Gauri sold it to AirBNB going to work for the accommodation booking platform as a mobile product expert until she left to start Instrumentl. Prior to that Gauri was a developer for Blackrock, joining the investment firm in 2009.

Gauri was born in Raipur, India, before moving in her early years to Palos Verdes, Calif., and then Briarcliff Manor, New York She comes from (and still practices) the Hindu faith, and hails from a family of doctors, business people and politicians.

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