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The rise of philanthropy advice and advisors

Welcoming Emma Beeston back to Purposely to shed light on her latest book, "Advising Philanthropists - Principles and Practice," co-written with Dr Beth Breeze another former guest.

Emma and Beth are well qualified when it comes to philanthropy thought leadership, they are also educators and prolific writers covering a range of topics related to philanthropy and giving.  

They both point point out that while philanthropy advice has been around forever there has been very little written about the topic. A profession often underappreciated despite its significant role, their aim with this book is to demystify the world of philanthropy advice. At the same time the book serves as a comprehensive guide, unveiling the detailed role of the philanthropy advisor, shining a light on those meeting the increasing demand from donors seeking help and guidance in their charitable work. It goes beyond the surface, exploring fundamental concepts, practical aspects, and diverse skill sets crucial for excelling in this complex job.

Emma and Beth draw insights from interviews with 40 philanthropy advisors worldwide. These conversations offer unique perspectives and firsthand experiences, providing invaluable insights into this often-overlooked profession.

Written for those already operating in the profession or for those curious about "Advising Philanthropists" the book traces the evolution of philanthropy advising as a recognised and vital profession, it outlines the essential attributes and skills needed for thriving as a philanthropy advisor as well as the practical advice for navigating the complexities of working effectively with donors.

Emma hopes that this book will help inform and empower a generation of philanthropy advisors and therefore positively shape the future of charitable giving and impact. Emma Beeston's journey, from grappling with imposter syndrome to immense pride upon the book's release.


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