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Values led leader motivated by personal experience, Sarah Vibert

Welcome Sarah Vibert, the CEO of the National Council of Volunteer Organisations (NCVO), a charity that has been supporting thousands of voluntary and community sector charities and non-profits in England for over 100 years.

Sarah joined NCVO in January 2020 as director of membership and engagement and was later appointed as Chief Executive in early 2022.

As a child, Sarah always aspired to lead an organisation, and now she is living her dream. She strives to be a relatable CEO who leads with empathy, transparency, and openness. This is evident in NCVO's commitment to publishing the salaries of its senior leadership team, along with an explanation of why they are paid that amount. According to Sarah, transparency is a critical value for NCVO, as it helps the organisation build trust with its donors and the public.

Sarah's personal experience growing up with a younger sibling who was disabled was a driving force behind her decision to work in the charity sector. She feels a strong connection to the mission of organisations like the Epilepsy Society and The Neurological Alliance, which she previously led, as they go beyond her professional responsibilities.

Before joining NCVO, Sarah held various roles in the charity sector, including advising the now King of the United Kingdom, then HRH Prince of Wales, on his charitable entities, as well as working for In Kind Direct. She began her career in local government management, including working for the Mayor of London.

Despite her busy schedule, Sarah finds time to volunteer for the Parent Teacher Association at her son's primary school. She has also previously served as a trustee for National Voices and The Brain and Spine Foundation.

Sarah's unique background and experience make her an asset to NCVO and the wider charity sector. Her leadership style, which emphasizes transparency, empathy, and relatability, sets a positive example for other leaders to follow.

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