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Amplifying the stories of 'changemakers', Sarah Ramantanis

Welcoming Sarah Ramantanis to Purposely, Sarah is the co-founder of KOS Magazine an online platform dedicated to amplifying the stories of 'changemakers' across Australia, those who are actively contributing to their communities.

From the founders of Lumni an interactive game helping people to practice self-care to All Things Equal a cafe working towards disability equality KOS Magazine is a platform aiming to inspire people to do good.

Using the power of storytelling the platform aims to inspire readers to become 'changemakers' within their own communities. They illuminate the narratives of everyday heroes. Featuring an array of voices and perspectives, celebrating individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities. Spanning grassroots initiatives to innovative projects.

Sarah has a background in marketing and communications for 'for-purpose' organisations significantly, not surprisingly she gained an understanding of effective storytelling and communication.

Sarah has also featured as a TEDx speaker, where she delves into the strategies of effectively 'pitching oneself for a purpose-driven career in today's evolving digital landscape'. Her insights stem from personal experiences, including facing multiple rejections in job applications and adapting during the pandemic by reaching out to people and leveraging video calls for outreach and influence.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sarah actively contributes her time to various organisations voluntarily. Her involvement spans NEXUS Australia, Kids in Philanthropy, UNICEF, and The Centre of Youth Policy and Education Practice. Through these initiatives, she passionately advocates for youth empowerment and social impact.

Sarah is driven as well as confident, she also committed to furthering her own personal growth and continuous learning which underscores her belief in education as a catalyst for positive transformation.


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