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Challenging the wealthy to embrace charitable giving

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Welcoming Peter Winneke, the writer behind "Give While You Live," Peter isn't just an author; he's a seasoned 'generosity' advisor and life legacy, boasting over two decades of experience in strategic, impactful giving in Australia.

His expertise spans the establishment of more than 100 philanthropic family foundations, making him an advocate of 'pragmatic guidance' in the world of philanthropy.

"Give While You Live" doesn't merely shine a light on best practice giving; it's a roadmap for redefining Australia's philanthropic landscape. Winneke offers a constructive critique, pinpointing areas where the sector can significantly enhance its practices, striving for more effective and impactful giving.

Before his influential role in philanthropy, Winneke carved out a niche in the corporate sphere, honing his skills in insolvency, mergers, and acquisitions for 16 years. His travels to low-middle income countries during this time ignited a fervent passion for philanthropy's potential to combat injustice and drive societal change.

In his book, Winneke adopts a refreshingly practical approach, urging families with substantial wealth to reconsider their legacy through purposeful giving. His counsel is straightforward: allocate a minimum of 20% of one's net worth to a family foundation devoted to charitable causes, steering away from fragmented contributions in favor of focused support.

By drawing from his vast experience working with influential entities like The Myer Foundation and Philanthropy Australia, Winneke advocates for family foundations not just as vehicles for giving but as platforms for imparting values and purpose to future generations.

At the core of "Give While You Live" are 35 pragmatic case studies that spotlight the joy of giving while outlining strategies to maximize the impact of donations. Winneke's goal is not merely to encourage charitable acts but to instill a culture of strategic giving that endures, leaving a lasting imprint on communities.

Renowned figures in the philanthropic sphere, such as Tim Costello AO and Anna Skarbek, laud Winneke's work for its potential to reignite conversations about legacy and purpose. Costello emphasizes the book's role in rekindling hope, while Skarbek acknowledges Winneke's capacity to inspire a fresh wave of strategic giving.


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