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Former no10 Downing Street adviser becomes key voice for the charity sector

Dan Corry, CEO of London based New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) joined Purposely Podcast to share his leadership story. NPC is a successful and respected charity think tank, launched 20 years ago by partners of Goldman Sachs. They wanted to shake up and disrupt the sector by focusing on impact measurement and accountability grading.

Dan became Chief Executive of NPC in 2011 following a variety of posts in public policy and economics, ‘I feel like everything I did prior was preparing me to be CEO of NPC’.

Dan was Head of the Number 10 Policy Unit and Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown (2007-2010). The 2008 global financial crisis brought about a tumultuous time for the economy, Dan played a crucial financial advisory role in helping the government survive the crisis. During the episode you will hear how ‘late nights and difficult decisions’ played a role in turning things around.

Dan has been Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Treasury and has worked as a special adviser to the Secretary of State in the Education Department. He was a Director in the Economics segment of FTI Consulting and ran the New Local Government Network, voted Think Tank of the Year in 2004.

Dan is a member of the Early Action Taskforce, which helps make the case for a shift in priorities away from coping with the consequences of social problems towards work that prevents them arising. He is a member of the Advisory Boards for Big Society Capital, Impetus–PEF, and the Centre for Public Scrutiny, as well as a member of the Charity Tax Commission.

He is a trustee of St Mungo’s, 19 Princelet Street and of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, and a former member of the Research Committee of the ESRC and of the Greater Manchester Economic Advisory Panel.


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