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Leading a money for good movement, Barry Coates

Former Green Party MP Barry Coates joins Purposely Podcast to share the story of Mindful Money.

Mindful Money is a charitable social enterprise that wants to make investment a force for good. It aims to switch funding away from pollution and exploitation, to sustainability and a low emissions economy.

Founded in 2018 the free platform enables members of the public to find out what’s in their KiwiSaver or investment fund and identify an ethical fund that fits their values and criteria. Mindful Money also works with fund managers and the finance sector to raise standards for ethical/responsible/ESG investing and impact investment. Mindful Money advocates for a legal and policy framework that will enable New Zealand to transition towards a sustainable finance system.

Barry lived and worked overseas for many years, gaining a Masters in Management from Yale University, and experience in corporate strategy, fair trade, climate change and sustainability. When he returned to New Zealand he was Executive Director of Oxfam Aotearoa, initiator of a sustainability programme at University of Auckland and a Green Party list MP.

Barry is highly respected and an expert on a wide range of sustainability issues. He lives a low impact life, leading the way for others to do the same. He has been a frequent and compelling face in the media and amongst other topics he has highlighted the impact of climate change on vulnerable people and the measures that the New Zealand Government and businesses must do to stop polluting.

Barry has been a member of the Government’s Trade for All Advisory Board and Technical Working Group of the Aotearoa Circle’s Sustainable Finance Forum, and he is a Board member of 350 Aotearoa. Barry was awarded the Sustainable Business Network’s Sustainability Champion in 2016.


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